Your Personal Year Number for 2018

Have you found yourself drawn to a particular number or specific numbers your whole life? Do you sometimes see the exact same numbers in the exact same sequence popping out at you from everywhere during a certain period of your life, begging to give you a message? Do you have a lucky number or numbers you keep coming back to?

For those of you who haven’t heard of Numerology, it is based on the idea that the universe is a system and that once broken down, we are left with basic elements: numbers. It is thus said to be the universal language of numbers and the study thereof can give you great insight into you as an individual, your purpose and the world.

Each number has a particular vibration, and numbers coupled together or in a sequence of more than two have their own specific vibrations. There are many ways to find the numbers that shape you and your life path – by looking at the letters of your full name (each letter has a corresponding number), your birth date and other ways – but we will simply be focusing on your personal year number as each year also represents a number with certain themes you will be working with and lessons you will (hopefully) be learning!

But first, it bears mentioning that 2018 has its own number – 11, or 11/2 (if further reduced to a single digit). As it’s a Master number, things may get pretty intense. But don’t fear, the overall theme is LOVE and this will be a year full of many opportunities for growth. Here is a really interesting and comprehensive article by Felicia Bender on 2018 as an 11 year and what this means.

To find Your Personal Year Number:

Add the day + month of your birth, to the Universal Year Number (11 for 2018).

Make sure you reduce any double digit number to a single digit. For example, if someone is born on 23 August, you add the day (2 + 3 = 5) and month (8) to the year number (11).

5 + 8 + 11 = 24

So 24 is the personal year number for that person. 

*you do not reduce Master numbers 11 and 22 in the birth date, add as is

*you do not reduce your personal year number if 11 or 22

Now, let’s briefly outline the themes of each Personal Year…

(Distilled from the more lengthy descriptions in this article)

1 Personal Year

This year spells… NEW BEGINNINGS! The previous year, you completed a 9 year cycle in which you probably reflected on the past and let go of what no longer served you. This is a year to plant seeds and embark on new adventures. It is also a time to be bold and take risks! You will have a lot of energy during this time, so it’s important to do enough physical exercise. This energy will give you the boost you need to get out of your comfort zone, and step into your power with more confidence. This is also a year to put yourself first.

2 Personal Year

Where the previous year was a time of taking action and doing a lot, this is a year to slow down and reflect on your life and choices. 2 is a feminine number, and calls for you to be in a more gentle and receptive space. Your emotions will be running high, so you might feel over-sensitive and get bruised easily, which is precisely why it is a good time to distinguish your needs from others and find out what you really want. This number is all about finding inner balance, learning to put up healthy boundaries and learning to receive. It is also a time of high intuition, and attracting relationships. It’s a good time to get on your yoga mat, meditate and commune with nature.

3 Personal Year

This number is all about EXPRESSION! It’s a great time to learn to communicate and really express your truth. It is also potentially a very creative time, ripe for cultivating more joy and beauty in your life. Use your imagination to create the life your heart desires! It’s also a very social period, so make sure you spend time with people who are aligned with your soul, make you feel good and help raise your vibration. As your creativity will be on full-power, it’s a perfect time to express yourself creatively, especially through singing, acting or writing. This year your emotions are seeking an outlet, so make sure you find a way to communicate them in healthy ways. Focus on the beauty in yourself and others.

4 Personal Year

This year is all about building a solid structure and foundation – that is, manifesting in concrete ways what you desire. It is the perfect time to get the details in your life in order, get organised, and focus on earthly concerns such as finances, family, home and daily activities. The number 4 creates a square, which you can visualise as a stage you will be setting for the big changes that are set to flow in the following year. It’s the right time to establish healthy daily routines and get your house in order. You will need to take extra care of your physical body this year through rest, exercise and healthy eating. Thus, through your hard work you will become more secure and stronger, ready for the big changes that are to come.

5 Personal Year

Expect… a DRAMATIC and EXCITING year! Time will seem to speed up because there will be so much change and activity during this period. After the hard work and putting structures into place of last year, it’s time to go out, have fun and meet new people. It’s also a good time to travel and/or move to a new place. You will feel more expansive, and experience expansion in many areas of your life. It’s a year of adventure, so get adventurous by traveling, taking a class or take up a new hobby! It’s an especially good time for marketing a new business or being in the media (if you that is linked to your profession or something you need to do). But make sure your energies aren’t too scattered with all that’s going on – ground yourself and keep going back to your heart and intuition for guidance.

6 Personal Year

This will be a time of balance and restoration for your body, mind and spirit after all the action of the previous year. Your focus will turn to home and family, as well as your environment. Put intention into making your surroundings harmonious and serene and pay special attention to your space – colours, smells and sounds. Make the necessary changes to your space that you feel as relaxed and peaceful as possible. As this period is all about balance, incorporate practices into your life such as yoga that integrate body, mind and spirit. If you have extra responsibilities regarding your family, make sure you don’t forget to consider your own needs. It’s also an idea time to attract a romantic partner and spend time with loved ones, especially children.

7 Personal Year

This is a year of spiritual masterly, where you are called to control your ‘lower’ instincts and emotions. It is the right time restore your spirit by taking a break from daily activities and to pause and reflect on what is meaningful to you and your higher purpose. It is an especially good time to spend time in nature. Consider taking up a daily meditation practice and spending time in solitude. Having said that, it is also a good time to find a spiritual community or activity to develop your faith. During this period, keep your mind focused on what you want and tune into your own truth. During this year, learn to trust own inner wisdom as well as the processes of your life.

8 Personal Year

8 is the number of personal power and abundance! Time to be assertive and ACT after the more inward and introspective past year. It’s time to tune into your passions and find what excites and motivates you. This is your year to dream big and experience more – find out what it is that makes you happy to do those things, don’t keep putting them off. You may have had some limiting beliefs about who you are, this year is the time to step into your power and also attract financial abundance. It’s also the perfect time to step into a leadership role, if you feel called to. You may feel challenged, but that is only so that you can find out what you are made of and fulfil your potential. Don’t be afraid to shine!

9 Personal Year

And now you are reaching the end of a 9 year cycle. You will have a learned many things along the way, this is the time to reflect on all the lessons of the past few years, especially so you can impart the wisdom you have gained to others. Others may be drawn to you for advice or counsel, trust that you have the right guidance to offer them! As you will be reflecting on the past more than usual, this is the perfect year to let go of what no longer serves you – whether it be fast beliefs, patterns of behaviour, or long standing resentments that need to leave so you make space for new beginnings. At the same time, it is a period of taking stock of how far you have come, what you have achieved and all the good things in your life.

11 Personal Year

This is a Master number year, which means it is time to master your life. This year will bring greater opportunities, along with greater challenges. But don’t fear, your intuition will also be super-charged to guide you – as long as you keep tuning into your higher truth, you will know what to do and what is best for you. It is a time to become more of your true self and share your unique gifts with the world! It’s also the perfect period to get to know yourself. Having said that, it’s also a good time to attract a romantic relationship, but you must learn to honour yourself and put up healthy boundaries so that you attract loving relationships that are supportive, rather than destructive.

22 Personal Year

Another Master number year, with many challenges and opportunities also. But if you put in the work, the payoff will be great! Now is the time to focus on your dreams and how to build them by taking action towards manifesting them – dreams are one thing, but bringing them into reality takes hard work! Take it one step at a time, so that you don’t get too overwhelmed or discouraged by the hurdles. Keep yourself grounded and healthy by incorporating an exercise routine into your daily life. This is your year to build a lasting foundation for your life, and the perfect time to start a business,  teach or invest money.

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