Tips to Heal and Cleanse Your Space

EVERYTHING is energy. We (humans) are made of energy, our environment is energy, every living being from plants to animals to – yes, even – rocks, crystals, the ocean and breath itself, is energy. Science has finally caught up with the simple truth that the universe is made up of energy, not matter. And all that is vibrates at different frequencies.

We as humans have a sensitive energy field around our physical bodies, which is affected by the energy of those around us, and our environments.

As we move closer and closer towards a more conscious, heart-centred way of being, it is really important, in order for us to live as mindfully and get the most of our precious lives as possible, to start bringing intention into everything we do. However small, however seemingly insignificant.

Along with taking care of our physical bodies, it is in our best interests to set up the spaces around us with care, as they are an extension of ourselves. Our energy mingles with the spaces around us. Using intention, we can create sacred spaces, as free as possible of negative energy, bringing us more in line with our higher selves. It’s a form of nurturing and self-love that can often go overlooked, but is a cornerstone of conscious living.

With that in mind, here are some simple ways you can cleanse and heal your space so that it serves you


As the saying goes, ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’; in new age terms, it’s a sign of spiritual purity. Energetically speaking, spaces can become very stuck and stale with the accumulation of dirt and energy that isn’t in flow. They say what is without is a reflection of what is within, so it’s telling when your space is unclean of how your inner landscape is looking (and feeling). Corners are especially susceptible to accumulating stuck energy, so it’s important to clean your own home and work environments frequently as a good foundation for setting up a sacred space. And, in the vein of conscious living, make sure you do not use harmful chemicals in your cleaning routine, as that will have a negative and harmful impact.


As you breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide into your space, so plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Therefore plants breathe with you, restoring balance. Not only this, but through photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapour that increases the humidity around them, which is great for the skin and throat, as well as easing your own breathing, which reduces stress. They also purify the air and create a healing and calming atmosphere. Being in nature is, without a doubt, therapeutic for humans – the closer our spaces come to nature, the more healing.


Research increasingly shows how powerfully smells affect us: they can impact almost every aspect of our lives, from dreams to stress, emotions to pain, and memory to romance. We cannot talk about healing and cleansing a space without including smell! And when we refer to smells, we are most certainly not including any substance that contains harmful chemicals. Once again, we look to nature to provide us with the all the soothing and purifying fragrances we need. The right aromas are hugely beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Essential oils, incense sticks and incense resins can all cleanse a space and create the appropriate mood you need. Different types of essential oils have a wide variety of miraculous benefits and can be used in burners, diffusers, vaporisers or simply sprinkled in drops around a space. We also recommend incense resins, which have been used specifically for spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. In Africa, they have been used medicinally and to purify places, bodies and minds. They are great for home cleansing, grounding, and have even been used by Ayurvedic practitioners to help balance women’s hormones, aid in digestion, as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Our favourites are frankincense and myrrh, the most well-known incense resins in the west. They are available here


Crystals, forming part of the crystalline grid of the earth, are widely known for their cleansing and healing properties. It is said that their colours are associated with and help clear the different chakras, as well as balancing and supporting us on a physical level. As with smells, they are beneficial for the body, mind and soul. In order for you to use them effectively and with intention, we suggest you familiarise yourself with all the different types of crystals, along with their purposes and uses. We like this guide. When you go out to buy your crystals, make sure you choose your supplier carefully and pay attention to what crystals you are drawn to; this will depend on what you need at the time. They will often call to you, you just need to listen. You will also need to cleanse them before your first use, and at least once a month following that, or more frequently if you use them often. Read this article for more information on how to clear, activate and store your crystals. Place them with intention, using your intuition.

Symbols and Objects

Symbols and objects are very powerful and can be used as tools to designate a space as sacred. Feel what you are drawn to; for example you may have an object or image in your home depicting a certain shape or animal, etc. that speaks to you on a subconscious level, which you just know has some significance and will support in grounding and healing. Colours also each have a different vibration and possess their own properties and purposes. Again, listen to that deepest and trust voice within, your intuition, to guide you towards what feels right.

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