The Powerful Energies of the Solstice

Another year, another Summer Solstice! It’s easy to forget the significance and auspiciousness of this day with Christmas approaching so quickly on its heels, but we wanted to give the 21 December solstice a bit of attention given that there are powerful energies surrounding this day, along with an opportunity to use these to our benefit.

The solstice occurs twice each year, around 21 June and 21 December, and is a summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere today, which means it’s the longest day of the year and the day the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. But does is have meaning beyond that? Of course!

“The ancient veneration of the sun is one of the greatest celebrations in history. It has been encoded in sacred texts and sites by peoples separated by vast distances for thousands of years across the world – all the way from the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the huge stone statues of Easter Island. The sun is one of the oldest and most universal themes connecting the ancient wisdom traditions of the world…”

from Shift Frequency’s article on the significance of solstices and equinoxes.

Ancient cultures have built hundreds of structures, temples and the like for the sole purpose of aligning with the sun during its major annual phases. Many today associate these structures and the rituals associated with the sun’s phases with paganism, but the energies during this period are important for us all.

The sun is the source of all light and life and spiritually very significant. It represents power, nourishment and abundance. Hence, summer – the season of fertility and growth – is the time of year when these energies are most potent.

Wherever you are in the world, whether it be the winter or summer solstice, it is a perfect day look deep within and reflect on what your soul truly desires. It is a time to celebrate the fullness of life and do what you can to raise your energy to regenerate abundance and focus on manifesting your dreams.

Another interesting aspect of this time is that in the South, it marks the start of longer nights. So this day is also said to present us with an opportunity to accept and integrate more of our dark side, as it represents a celebration of our shadow. This makes sense as the light is at its brightest, and the contrast between light and shadow most apparent.

Why not do something symbolic or create your own ritual to honour this time and yourself, and set intentions for the future? This is a good way to tap into these abundant energies, available to support your growth towards your highest destiny.

We wish you a very happy Summer Solstice, where we all come that much closer to who we truly are and what our souls desire.

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