The Comeback of Conscious Living

Happy new year to the tribe and fellow earthlings! 2016 was an interesting year – there are many who were more than ready to be done with it and embrace the fresh start that comes with a new year. Some might say there were more people who felt this way over the last new year than in previous years. Maybe it was the onslaught of global political and humanitarian issues, or the smaller struggles within communities and even relationships that were to blame – but there is no denying there have been big changes globally and the world is having their say.

One of the biggest changes in recent years that seemed to culminate in 2016 into a promising, possibly earth saving industry is the growth of conscious living, and in particular conscious eating. A huge factor on the issues we face globally such as water availability and quality, food and economic security, and the state of our soil and the environment is the way that products and foods we purchase are made. While we might not be able to save the world alone, it has become wider knowledge that by making some simple changes to your lifestyle can actually make an impact on the state of the earth – and the knowledge is spreading beautifully.

The Awakening

Assessments of society’s stream of consciousness convey that we are collectively shaping a vision of what we want life to look like beyond our own personal aspirations.

It often starts with a search for true health – which makes one look at how we eat – we all need to do it, and that is also where a whole lot of humans spend their hard earned money. Becoming more conscious of what you put in your mouth, where it comes from and what is really in it has profound ripple effects that have led some to questioning life itself. Starting to make better choices for your own body can often mean that you are indirectly making better choices for the earth too – like by buying organic produce, raw local honey and those homemade pickles (which coincidentally benefit your communities’ economic growth).

This is what I like to call “Voting with your wallet”. Every conscious, mindful purchase you make grows a responsible business – and takes away from those who exist to profit off our ill health. And it works. The rise of new ethical, green businesses globally is astounding – there are brave entrepreneurs out there who are building new business models and proving that money can be made while alleviating social and environmental issues. Together we are choosing to put our money on things that not only benefit our own interests, but those of our earth and society too. We are voting for a more sustainable global market and in turn growing in spiritual consciousness.

The forecast for 2017

This collective consciousness is theorised to of taken shape with a shared global belief of what would create happiness. I think for a lot of us, the answer to that question would be peace in the world and things relating to it. Notably this is vastly different to past generations’ consensus on the topic where wealth and personal gains of material nature were cited as the key to contentment. It isn’t that this new movement in collective thinking doesn’t include dreams of the good life – contrarily, material-natured strengths of one are envisioned to benefit their entire tribe and earth in turn.

The stars are aligned for streams of consciousness around the world to come together in like-minded hives and to gather – each with a strong clarity of purpose and passion for specific beliefs and causes. There are many numerological and astrological meanings associated with 2017 – In numerology, 2017 is reduced as: 2+0+1+7 = 10 which will further reduce to 1. Readings from a Numerology-Tarot perspective for this year point towards goals and aspirations, liberation and manifestation. Aside from numerology and tarot, the number is thought to speak of a global oneness. 2017 brings the rising of the Torus,believed to usher in a new age in the global stream of consciousness.

Back to Business

When embarking on making consciousness lifestyle changes, it can be daunting to find food and products you need – ever tried to find vegan red lipstick? It isn’t always fair for those trying to live a life of less harmful impact to go without when there are simple solutions that can benefit the earth and the people living on it – it might be a more expensive business, but it can has proven to be a sustainable and profitable industry. Many entrepreneurs are seeing this huge gap in the market where the conscious consumer needs to be catered for – and finding success in filling these in an ethical way too.

There is even a rise in NPO business models that are socially driven by entrepreneurs who want to grow skills and economic opportunities in communities that need it. Effective, innovative and creative approaches to sustainable green business are developing to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“Our biggest problem is the need to think differently: how to escape from the constraints of the consumer society (which should perhaps be re-labelled the consumptive society), and see ourselves as a multiplying animal species changing the surface of the Earth to our short term advantage and its long term detriment. In the current geological epoch of the Anthropocene, we should remember how small and vulnerable we are, and reckon with the consequences of our failures of understanding.” Sir Crispin Tickell, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme, Oxford University

Influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators around the world are heeding the call for sustainable action to be taken, and acknowledging that where our money is spent has a huge impact on the earth. To conserve it and its precious natural resources, these leaders are creating business that give us as consumers the power to make a choice in the future of our world. There are organisations worldwide that acknowledge and present accolades to the best in the industry, which are stringently judged and certainly is no exercise in fluffy back-patting, to further boost the proof of the success in this line of business.

With each sustainable business and every purchase we make from them we are taking steps to creating the change we want to see in the world.

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