Wild Flower Power Bath Salt/Soak 125g

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Wild Flower Power Bath Salt/Soak 125g



Product Description

A powerful flower infused bath salt soak with deeply soothing and relaxing effects. The base of magnesium rich Epsom salts, hand harvested rooibos with exotic hibiscus petals all topped off with the scent of rose essential oils add something special to any wild woman’s well deserved ‘me time’.



Epsom salts is a rich source of magnesium, a mineral vital to every bodily functions – it primarily helps to relax your muscles and keep your bones and your brain healthy. Rooibos has soothing, healing benefits for the skin and can aid sunburn recovery, while hibiscus has been hailed as natures Botox for its anti-ageing qualities.



Treat yourself to a wildly magical flower power infused bath by adding a handful of this mixture to your bath. Epsom salts and the aromas will relax your body and calm your mind.