The Indigenous Foodie EarthTribe Gift Set

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The Indigenous Foodie EarthTribe Gift Set


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The Indigenous Foodie is a bit of a purest, using only local/indigenous ingredients when he or she is not out foraging for wild food on the weekends. He or She is conscious of how important it is to stay true to his or her own continent, and will only find ethical and sustainable sources of ingredients to play with in the kitchen to create bold, authentially indigenous and adventurous meals for his or her Tribe, who aren’t afraid to try new things. 


Our Amaranth Grain

Because we just launched this, it’s new and different!

It’s an indigenous African super seed-grain, a powerhouse of nutrients

It’s also gluten free, for the discerning Foodie

Our Cassava Flour

One of our BRAND new products, 100% African

Comes straight from the Cassava root, dried and ground into flour (as unprocessed as you can get)

The perfect gluten free alternative to wheat flour

Very nutritious, rich in fibre, minerals and energy

Our Jugo Beans / African groundnuts

One of our BRAND new products, 100% African heirloom

These are dangerously nutritious, rich in protein, fibre, B vitamins and essential minerals

They are extremely moreish, balancing a deeply savoury and robust peanut-y flavour with a hint of sweetness

Our Raw Marula nuts

It’s newly launched, for the novelty

This is an indigenous 100% African wild-harvested super-nut

A veritable protein powerhouse and rich in minerals

They taste like pine nuts, but much more affordable


With an original EarthTribe apron and complimentary recipes, all folded into a funky little gift bag! 

Ps. Please specify which print for your Apron  at check out (check here for different prints available ), we will choose for you if we don’t read comments.


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