Moringa Seeds (water purification)

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Moringa Seeds (water purification)


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(The content of this pack will clear around 50l of water. Our moringa  seeds are  naturally grown in South Africa)

Thank you Africa, once again, for your medicine. The uses of the Moringa tree are almost endless – did you know Moringa seeds effectively purify water? They have been used as far back as ancient Egypt for just this purpose. In fact, natural coagulants have been used for centuries in traditional water treatment practices in many developing parts of the world. Today, they are used in rural Africa to convert dirty river water into a safe and drinkable resource. Another affordable, clean and sustainable tool gifted to us by the African continent.


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Moringa seeds treat water on two levels; as a coagulant and antimicrobial agent. The crushed seeds clarify and purify. As an antimicrobial they are tremendously effective, and kill 90 to 99.9% of bacteria. Studies show that this very simple, quick and economical method of filtering also diminishes water pollution. Furthermore, findings show that this method acts directly as growth inhibitors of the microorganisms. They make rain water, turbid water such as river water  safe to drink and bathe in.



Add three crushed seeds per litre of water. The amount of seeds in 1 of these packs will purify about 50 litres of water.

  1. Remove seedcoat to obtain clean (white) seed kernel, discard the shell casings (seed coat)
  2. Define the amount of seeds needed. In general, 3 seed kernel will treat a liter of water. Water with high turbidity (dirt and microorganisms) needs more seeds.
  3. Crush the needed amount of seedkernels into a powder with a grinder, mortar and pestle or other means (this should result in a fine powder that you can sift through mesh or a screen.)
  4. Mix the seedpowder with a small amount of clean water to form a paste
  5. Mix the paste and about 1 cup of the clean water in a bottle and shake to make a solution.
  6. Filter this into dirty water to be cleaned with fine muslin cloth or mesh screen. (This will also help to remove larger unwanted particles from the water).
  7. Stir vigorously for 1 minute and slowly for 5 minutes.
  8. Let the water decant for 2 hours until clear and the deposit is on the bottom
  9. Carefully pour clean water from the top – the contaminates will have settled to the bottom.
  10. This clean water can then be boiled for use in cooking or drinking

Please note: (Moringa does not remove all water pathogens, just a large percentage)