Hibiscus flowers and Peppermint Power Tea, 75G

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Hibiscus flowers and Peppermint Power Tea, 75G


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Product Description

A time honoured tea blend that has been made famous in West Africa, this revitalising, delicious deep purple tea tonic has a deep african history. Also known as Karkade, the mix of dried Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers and peppermint leaves is a traditional floral, fruity and thirst quenching tea, enjoyed hot and iced, that has great healing and energising benefits to your body.



A delicious natural remedy that is good for fighting candida, balancing blood pressure and blood sugar levels, controlling cholesterol, boosting the immune system and cleansing your system. The addition of peppermint aids digestion



Steep this loose leaf tea and sweeten to taste to reap the healing benefits.Serve hot or ice cold for a refreshing  boost and healthy treat.  Consume with caution if you are pregnant.