Apron-African Print 2

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Apron-African Print 2


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Product Description

Every Tribe needs a signature style! In the spirit of keeping the tribe stylish, we’ve made some limited edition, original EarthTribe Super-Foodie Aprons and Drawstring Backpacks in funky African prints to keep you styling this Summer!

The fabrics have been selected with care, a diverse mix of bold and colourful prints. Locally made, of course, by a Cape Town native from her home in Salt River. We ask you to support local, we choose to support local!


Tribe Foodie Apron

Stylish AND Functional, you’ll be the funkiest cook around! Every Super-Foodie needs a super apron to look the part, and some protective gear to keep your clothing from getting soiled… Because mess should be the last thing on your mind as you make grand gestures, sweeping and swirling around the kitchen, experimenting with and concocting your fabulous, nutritious and delicious foodie creations with passion and love. They also have some nice n’ deep side pockets, so you can store your kitchen utensils, making it easy to whip them out when you need to stir a bit of this, and whisk a bit of that. The straps are fully adjustable, so they are perfect for men, women, or any other variety of human – simply tighten to your taste so your Tribe Foodie apron fits perfectly.




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