On origin and Vision of Earthtribe

Interview with Arianna Azzolini, Co-Founder of EarthTribe

Every dream that has become a reality starts with a seed. What was the initial idea that sparked your journey towards birthing Earthtribe into being?

My family is a mixed race family, we come from different sides of the world (Italy and Zimbabwe), different cultures, speak different languages and each and every one of us (Kuda, Luna and myself) has a different skin colour. And we love each other. I started questioning why the world has so much division and lack of unity or ‘ubuntu’ amongst tribes/countries/races… and realised it is because they do not find common ground. For my family, the common ground is being part of the family. Earthtribe is that. One family, one inclusive tribe, trying to find common ground with what all humans on earth need and love: food.

What were the first steps you took towards realising your vision?

The first steps were taken long before we actually formed Earthtribe. My husband and I travelled through Africa for three years and discovered most of the projects we work with. Little did we know at that time that Earthtribe was on its way.

How long has it taken you to get to this point from those baby steps?

We are still walking baby steps and I can feel the huge potential for change of paradigm in consuming consciously with Earthtribe.

Tell me a bit of the Earthtribe ethos, what makes you different from other products in wellness circles?

Word by word in their deepest meaning:


Earthtribe——all of us!

100%——maximum potential

African——from the ancient motherland


for a——the vision

conscious—— present/ethical/responsible

living—— alive/human/life force



What are your core values in life, and how does Earthtribe reflect those?

see the answer to the previous question 😉

Why do you think it’s important for people to support your brand and buy Earthtribe products?

I have always questioned the validity of aid in bringing wellness and wealth to underprivileged communities. Very often aid comes with a “western” mentality and ideas of wellness and wealth that are very different from the communities they are supposed to help. Dependency is often the product of aid.

With Earthtribe we are approaching communities/projects to form a partnership with them, as suppliers! This is greatly empowering. They produce/harvest their natural ancestral indigenous foods and health and wealth spreads throughout their and our communities. Everybody wins, including the final consumer.

Please describe the type of person you are marketing towards, who would choose Earthtribe’s over other natural products? 

People who recognise the ecological footprint of other products coming from across the globe and are looking for brands from closer to home

People who value local, indigenous and ethically sourced products

People who believe in the power of herbal medicine

People with a strong sense of community and an understanding that we are ONE

People into fitness and nutrition who actually need high performance foods

People who live a clean, organic lifestyle

Lastly, what is your vision for the future? 

We plan to reach out for many more community projects and permaculture farms and expand our range and impact. We are also starting to export the African goodness overseas; Italy and Uk are the first countries. Europe is very attracted by African products.

If you know community projects or permaculture farms locally or around Africa  organically producing or wild harvesting indigenous foods please get in touch! Let’s network and grow the tribe together!

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