My Zero Waste Goals

It is hard to imagine a life without waste. If every action produces a consequence, it should follow that most actions should create some kind of waste or by-product. Right? Not exactly. In today’s world it is hard to imagine not creating waste because of the structures we find ourselves in, and feel confined to.

But, wait a minute… The reality is while we may think we are confined by these structures, they have been created by us. They have been moved into being by our collective efforts, and – unfortunately – complicity. You can’t toss a coin without hitting some sort of waste, often even in the middle of nature. What compels us as a society to package every little thing as though we depended on it, and using materials that are harmful to the environment, no less? Conditioning, that is all. Plastic isn’t even digestible by Mother Earth, meaning that every bit of plastic you use will outlive you. It may be turned into something else (or, reincarnated), but it will still be there.

In April, we reached 7.5 billion people on the planet, and the United Nations has estimated that we will reach 11.2 billion by the year 2100. That’s a sobering thought.

What is the Zero Waste Movement?

Zero Waste is a philosophy, now adopted by a growing number of people, “that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused.” In simpler terms, it means operating within a circle, or cycle. Like the cycle of life! Each death follows a birth, each re-birth follows a death. Waste prevention is what this movement stands for, not finding effective ways to manage more waste. Waste is superfluous, in fact. It is wholly unnecessary, if we consume consciously.

Let’s start with an attainable goal – reducing waste production as much as possible!

At this point, we’d like to feature an amazing initiative, the launch of which happened last Saturday, 16 September. The Waste Free Food & Lifestyle Co-op in Glencairn Cape Town, at the beginning of its pilot phase, is the birth child of Jade Khoury, founder of Cape Town based Low Impact Living, a conservation organisation “inspiring and supporting nature connected lifestyles, homes and business” through various courses, workshops and coaching. The motivation behind opening this beautiful, welcoming space featuring well-known brands like Faithful to Nature and Ethical Co-op, as well as  smaller businesses like  Earthtribe, is to provide fully-fledged devotees of the waste-free movement as well as those aspiring to live a more waste-free life, an opportunity to do some zero waste grocery shopping on a weekly basis, with integrity. They aim to make it as easy and affordable as possible, while creating a community around this way of life. A weekly trip to this co-op will also be an education to the children accompanying their parents, a fun way to show the future generation how to truly embody being the change.

Where: Hotel Glencairn

Trading hours: Saturdays from 9am to 5pm

Contact: Jade at or 071 432 7960 to find out more

As zero waste markets have started sprouting up all over the world and this movement grows, our options are growing too if we aspire to minimise our waste, with a view to eliminating it altogether. But we have to start somewhere. No sense comparing in ourselves to those of us who are further along on the journey, or beating ourselves up for creating waste in a less awakened state. Let’s support the Waste Free Food & Lifestyle Co-op and other spaces like this! Here are some ideas and guidelines to beginning or continuing on this journey to a more harmonious, waste-less way of life.

And don’t forget to bring your jars! 🙂

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