Moon Phases and the Opportunities They Bring


It’s interesting that we refer to the phases of the moon as ‘lunar cycles’, when we are really talking about the relationship between the Moon and the Sun, as she does not go through the changes we see on her own – it is through her relationship with the energy and light of the Sun that her shape changes throughout the month. In astrology, the sun represents the Self – your way of being in the world. And the moon represents your emotions, inner world, and deepest desires.

Understanding the lunar cycles can provide us with a powerful tool to organise our lives, if we learn to use the particular energy of the moon at each of her phases. We all know that our lives go in cycles. As the moon has its own cycle, it is said to represent the process of creation, and therefore can help our own creative process in manifesting our heart’s desires. And, as the moon changes its position to the sun, it becomes a symbol of growth – or, potential growth – reflected back down to earth.

Hannah Ariel describes it beautifully in this article;

“Every month we have the opportunity to creatively attune our awareness of our intentions to the rhythm of the lunation cycle. The Moon moves through time and space like a meditative mind in relation to the light of the Sun. When we steadily and wilfully accompany this odyssey, we begin to see our potential manifest in a new light. We begin to live in a reality more closely related to the visions being illuminated in our mind as we see them through, every step of the way.”

So, let’s get Moon Phases and what they each represent, as well as the opportunities they are each presenting to us…

New Moon

The cycle begins at the New Moon. Unsurprisingly, it represents new beginnings and fresh starts on all levels. It is a good time for dreaming, gathering our thoughts, planning and entering new relationships. The energy of the new moon is energising and optimistic to propel us forward. Take this opportunity to set intentions and put careful planning into new projects.

Waxing Moon

Bringing inspiration, the Waxing Moon energy influences our long term transformations. Take this opportunity to put hard work into manifesting our goals. If you’re in the process of building something, it’s a very supportive time. It helps sharpen our awareness to take action and initiation, and gives us a sense of courage to drive us forward.

Full Moon

Contrary to popular belief, the Full Moon is NOT dangerous! However, the energies of this phase can be rather intense and abundant – and can drive us to our full strength and determination, if we rise to the opportunity. We just need to be ready for this moon, and find positive ways to channel its powerful energy. It is also a time that our consciousness expands and we feel the implications of the intentions made during the new moon. It can be a time of great clarity and a deepening of our self-understanding, if we tune in.

Waning Moon

As the moon is seen to wane, so the energies at this time are supportive in helping us expel and release what no longer serves us. Now is the perfect opportunity to drop unhealthy habits and patterns of behaviour. It’s also a good time to express any feelings you have been holding inside, especially when it comes to your close relationships – it may even be appropriate to end a relationship that isn’t going well. This is also a period of revelations, an integration of our expanded awareness (on our journey from new to the full moon), and to break down limiting beliefs that are keeping us from fulfilling our intentions for this cycle.

Dark Moon 

The Dark Moon is the time for resting, and recharging your batteries in preparation for a new cycle. It is said to be the most psychic phase of the moon and presents the perfect opportunity to go within and observe what comes up – there could be clues to what our intentions should be for the next cycle. It is also a great period to spend extra time on meditation, to tune into your inner wisdom and gain even greater clarity on the cycle is coming to an end.

It’s another New Moon on the 18th, this time in Scorpio. Why not put this awareness into practice and accept the many invitations and opportunities the moon phases bring?

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