Mindfully Making Our Way through Mars Retrograde 2018

Mars has just gone retrograde – from 26 June (this week), and will stay that way for two months, until 27 August, in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.

We often hear about planets – particularly Mercury, which is often in retrograde – being in retrograde, but what does this actually mean? Literally, it means that the planet’s orbit takes on the appearance of moving backwards. So, in fact, it’s like an optical illusion of cosmic proportions. But it has a very real, palpable effect on us earthlings.

Mars doesn’t often go retrograde, it only happens about every two years for about ten weeks. Of course, everyone is different and at different stages of their evolution, but we can come to a better understanding of what to expect by looking at what area of life Mars represents, astrologically speaking.

“Mars is the planet associated with the Warrior archetype. It is therefore the planet we look to when we want to know about assertiveness, aggression, determination, and action. Mars is also closely associated with sexuality – not the love and romance aspect of sex, but the more instinctual, desire-driven side of it.” Integralastrology.net

So, essentially if the planet representing assertiveness, action and drive is slowing down (or appearing to have slowed down), we may be feeling unusually frustrated, tense, aggressive and that things are all of a sudden being put on hold. It really helps to become aware of what is happening on a cosmic level so we can understand why we are feeling a certain way at a certain time and why our circumstances are as they are. We can always – ALWAYS – find ways to navigate more gently through trying periods and we believe wholeheartedly that even Mars retrograde has its own medicine to offer.

As the planet’s energy becomes internalised, it is the perfect time for us to turn inwards, and meditate on how we would like to focus and direct our own energy towards action when Mars goes direct again. While it is not the ideal period to start a new job or relationship, it could support us in slowly and steadily building on a plan to act – when the time is ripe gain. And what about the feelings of anger, frustration and aggression it can often bring? Try to meditate daily, allow the feelings to arise to be released and breathe deeply. And need we say this is a golden opportunity to work on our patience?

We’ll end with some sage advice from our favourite astrologer, Margarita Celeste:

“So, think about what you can do during this period, what things you could perhaps do behind the scenes and not push forward but develop, conscientiously, without letting frustration get on top of you.”

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