Intentions not Goals

Here is why we set intentions and not goals, and why we consider setting intentions beneficial as we traverse into a new year. Firstly, goals are often about fixing what we think is ‘wrong’ with us, and immediately puts pressure on us to achieve certain things – and if we don’t achieve them, we feel like a failure. And here is why we choose to set intentions, instead. Intentions are more broad but authentic, they refer to states of being and our true desires. They speak to our core values, and highest ideals. They are about aligning ourselves more and more to our souls. And there is power in setting intentions, writing them down, then surrendering to the great mystery where we become gentle witnesses to the fruits of those intentions.

EarthTribe was launched just over a year ago, and we had our Vision, but no clear idea of how it would unfold, exactly… of course. Yet, every year we pledge to set new intentions for our EarthTribe ‘baby’, shaped by the feedback from the universe and our wonderful community, our treasured Tribe, we have received along the journey thus far. Coming up to 2018, we are really feeling the energies flowing in to support our growth, manifestation of our intentions and new projects. Let us flow, and let our soul-aligned desires take us where we need to go and grow!

We are really excited for what we feel will be an abundant and prosperous year for us, and for you. There is still so much potential to be realised and we cannot wait to witness how it will all take shape.

Without further ado, EarthTribe’s Intentions for 2018…

  • Putting ourselves out there to consciously to meet and interact with more members of our Tribe through organising events (watch this space!)
  • Thinking BIG! It’s easy to get lost in the focus on the day to day and nitty gritty, we make intention to dare to dream big this year
  • Going on our next expedition to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia
  • Exporting our amazing African superfoods abroad so that the rest of the world may benefit from all the pure goodness Mama Africa has to offer;

And then there are the personal, special intentions of each team member of EarthTribe….


“This year I am all I can be, all I can sing, all I can love, all I can dance, all I can breathe, all I can laugh, all I can listen, all I can dream, all I can feel…” Arianna

“I intend to be abundant in every aspect of my life, abundance of health, abundance of love, abundance of life.” Kuda

“I make intention to keep taking conscious steps towards my authentic self, with love, patience and compassion for myself and others. I choose me, every day.” Tara

HAPPY 2018
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