For the Love of Water

Life on earth started in the water, it is the most ancient element.

Water represents the emotional body. It represents the feminine, the flow, fluidity and freedom.

Water is clear. Water is dirty. Water is polluted. Water is angry during a flood. It can be still and it can be raging. Thus, water mirrors the entire spectrum of our emotions, and we must allow ourselves to feel all the feelings that want to come. Do we take the time to acknowledge our emotions?

It symbolises birth – in the foetal form we live in water for nine months leading up to our full emergence into the world, and so it is the first element we meet in life. Do we respect water? Do we respect life?

It also symbolises money, wealth, success, abundance. Having a good relationship with the water element, with the spirt of water, means attracting greater abundance and flow in our lives.

And water is deep. It is the element that is most related to our subconscious and our fears, known or unknown. Connecting to water means tuning into what may be buried inside of us that needs to be dealt with.

The human body is made of 60% water (the majority of our bodies); it comes as no surprise that we are emotional beings.

Water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface; if we are living in the body of the earth, we are significantly influenced by the waters outside of ourselves. And so, what is the privatisation of water happening today revealing about our civilisation and where we are headed?

We invite you to ask yourself: what is my relationship to water? And do we truly value this miraculous resource, an essential ingredient to the fabric of life itself?

With the very serious drought in Cape Town, it is easy to succumb to fear. To hold our breath every time water trickles from our taps, fearing the possibility they’re going to run dry. We invite you, rather, to simply love and be grateful for the water every time you use it – to thank it for being there, still flowing.

Here is a small ritual you can do to honour water

When you are near any body of water, e.g. stream, river, ocean, spring; come with a pure heart and bring offerings like sweets, fruits, tobacco, drinks or what feels right for you. Speak loud to the water, introduce yourself and firstly give thanks for the water of life. Then, express everything you have in your heart, ask, and give thanks again. Put your offerings in the waters.


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