Down to Earth: tips for Grounding.

You would think living on the African continent would make us super grounded, but recently we’ve been approached by quite a few people, all asking what they can do to ground themselves. There may be a number of reasons as to why we are feeling especially ungrounded these days (and therefore, needing to ground more than ever!); the hectic, modern lifestyle probably being a huge contributing factor. Many of us may feel like we don’t have the time to check in with our emotional states, i.e. what we are actually feeling in our bodies, throughout the day. Most of us are just trying to survive, to ‘get through’ the day in one piece; in a constant state of reacting, rather than responding after some deliberation, feeling our way through our lives from a stable and conscious space. Ungrounded-ness also stems from a feeling of disconnection from ourselves, a disconnection from our natural state of being.

In case you were wondering, some symptoms of being ungrounded are: feeling spaced out, lightheaded or dizzy; misplacing things; forgetting important information like when you have a meeting; feeling drained and tired. Sound familiar? And no, this is not how you are supposed to feel!

And why is grounding so important, you may ask? According to this article, two of the major reasons are:

“Life force: the energies of the root chakra and the earth are our most primal and vital energies. An ungrounded life is a life mostly not lived, not engaged with.”


“Safety, presence & belonging: feeling safe and secure on earth and the global tribe is a function of the root chakra. Good grounding is synonymous with feeling and knowing that you belong, and are safely held in the human community.”

Read the rest of the reasons here.

And how best to reconnect to our root chakra? To bring ourselves back into our bodies, to dig deep into the root of our essence.

So, here are our 5 Practical Tips for You to Ground Every Day!

‘Earthing’ and Walking in Nature

A big reason why we have become ungrounded is because of our disconnection to nature. You may have already heard of the term ‘earthing’, a fast growing movement based on the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s energy is essential to our well-being. Our bodies receive a charge of energy when we connect to the ground with our feet (barefoot), whereby free electrons are taken up into the body. Which for some doesn’t often happen. It is an incredibly easy and hugely beneficial way to ground, every day. Walking in nature – ideally, barefoot – is also a really effective grounding activity! Nature has a calming, detoxifying, uplifting effect and brings us back to our natural state of being very quickly.

Drumming and Dancing

There is nothing quite like drumming for grounding. In fact, any percussion instrument has that effect. It must have something to do with the similarity of the sound to the heartbeat; the most obvious sign of vitality, the sound of life force in the body. The persistent contact between the palm of the hand and the drum is a reinforcement that you are here, you are present, and in your body. There is no other possibility than drop into the body when you are drumming. And better yet, when you find a drumming circle, to connect with self in a group space, where you are also connecting with others through the primal sound of the drum.  Dancing is also one such activity. By dancing, you are called into your body, and connected to the ground. Stomp your feet to reengage, again and again, grounding with every firm and intentional step that reaffirms, ‘I am here’.

Visualisation and Meditation 

Visualisation and meditation are other powerful tools you can use to ground. First, set up a sacred and safe space, preferably using grounding crystals (like Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Jasper), and burn some incense – raw incense resin like Myrrh works really well. Then, sit on the ground or on a chair with both feet firmly planted on the ground, and visualise there are thick roots growing deep into the ground out from your root chakra, or that you are a tree. Incorporate meditation into your daily routine, preferably at the start of your day in preparation; grounding is guaranteed as you are going within, going deep to your body, connecting with your own essence and life force.

Eating Root Vegetables 

This may come as a surprise, but eating root vegetables and other foods from the ground / grounding foods containing carbohydrates, are an easy way to ground – especially in the case of emergencies. Root veges like beetroot, sweet potato, butternut squash and carrots work well. Healthy whole grains like Amaranth are also good. And then there are legumes like Jugo beans / African groundnuts; mega grounding!

Doing Mindful Exercises 

Lastly, incorporating mindful physical exercises like yoga and tai chi into our daily routine is tremendously grounding. If you don’t have time for or can’t find a good class, self-practice is perfect. Mindful exercises work to ground by bringing us into our bodies, therefore bringing us into a state of attentiveness to the present moment, helping us create space in our bodies for feelings to come up, and learning to accept our limitations while acknowledging what we are capable of. It is the ultimate nod to self, time set aside to just be and breathe through the various positions, connecting to the many sensations in our body that are so telling of where we are at.

Enjoy grounding, Tribe!

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