Blood Moon Eclipse 27 July 2018 – Cleanse With Frankincense


No doubt you have been feeling the intensity of the full moon and lunar eclipse approaching, if you are in tune with yourself and committed enough to being present with your emotions, you will probably have felt the subtleties of its higher effects, and not-so-subtleties of its lower side effects. How we hold (and express) these energies and how we use the opportunities (or not) these astrological occurrences offer us is dependent on where we are at in our evolution and the degree to which we are willing to take a good, honest look at ourselves.

The total eclipse will commence in South Africa at 9:30pm and last a whopping 103 minutes, until 11:13pm. And what is the spiritual significance of a lunar eclipse, specifically?

“This is a time of leaving what is safe and comfortable in order to grow more fully into yourself Eclipses are harbingers of change — they usher in evolution. At a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course, and they encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that are no longer serving us.”

As the moon represents our emotions and our inner mood, including what we are not yet conscious of, this can be a deeply transformative time when shadow parts of ourselves rise to the surface to be seen, acknowledged and healed. We can bring these fragmented parts into our heart space, to be healed and integrated. The heart is the great alchemist, bringing everything back into balance.

This lunar eclipse in particular is said to be very karmic, therefore presenting a massive opportunity for us to shed what is no longer necessary for us to carry. This will be a collective shedding, where we are all called to die to more of what we are not and be rebirthed into more of our authentic selves.

This time is super-charged for other reasons… the fact that five planets are ALSO in retrograde, two of them personal planets – Mars and Mercury! The areas in life these planets symbolise – action/drive and intellect/communication respectively – are both highlighted and slowed down during their retrograde phases, which also presents an opportunity; to become introspective and work on these areas, recognising where there are blocks and working on releasing those, too.

And, with all this shedding and releasing, we can look to mother nature for support and medicines in assisting with our process. Entities and energies will be shifting and moving out of us, and Frankincense is one of these medicines she has made available to us, for its tremendous and powerful cleansing properties. Frankincense has been used in sacred rituals throughout the ages to cleanse places of negative energies. It also creates a sacred and peaceful atmosphere and relaxes the body and mind, it’s the perfect ingredient for rituals around letting go. Burn some in an oil burner with water or oil, but the most effective way is to create smoke by burning the resin on a charcoal puck as the smoke assists in clearing.

By golly, we have work to do! But we are always supported in becoming more aligned with our highest selves.

Wishing you a very cleansing lunar eclipse tonight, we are one. xxx

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