Put a Spring in your Perspective

Flowers are a-blooming and the smell of new life and opportunity is in the air. Spring has sprung and with it often comes a need to slough off the weight of winter and bathe in happy ray of sunshine. Love, detoxes and cleaning out of closets are the game of the season, and what better way to embrace the spring time by refreshing your perspective and get to spring cleaning your body and mind as you would your home.

It’s all about perspective

The truth is the way we view, feel and react to things has more power over us than we realise. And the scary thing is that we have more power over our perspectives than we dare to admit. Stress and modern living don’t leave much time to be mindful, so it’s understandable to find yourself in a negative space – the good news is, it’s not that difficult to open the curtains on that gloomy view.
Take a breath of that fresh vibrant spring air and say yes to staying positive, decide to see the cup half full and become active in creating a full, happy heart. Once you take a moment, step back and really look at your life and what you could and would like to change. Simply becoming mindful of what you want, and what you don’t want, is a great place to start being more mindful and shifting your perspectives.

Thoreau wrote “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes”. A happy life is an authentic life.

Be the change

Change can be a scary idea, ironically since it is the only constant in the world, right? But, many have said the key to their happiness and success was in facing their fears and following their hearts. Don’t go quitting your day job just yet, but as this time of year often reminds us, a spring clean can do a world of good –for your home, your body and also your soul.
Embrace and be the change by making conscious efforts to live a life that makes you truly happy. Daunting as it may be, you are sure to be more successful in your endeavours when you remember to be mindful, conscious and positive. Also remember that using positive words reinforces positive thought, so be nice!

You are what you eat

This is also the perfect time to really think about what you are putting into and on your body, and reduce the amount of questionable concoctions we are inundated with daily. To rid your body of the build up a detox or juice cleanse and getting loads of those antioxidants sound
like a great idea. By practising more conscious eating, physical and spiritual wellness are easier to attain, as you will know if you have ever heard a vegan or gluten avoider boast the benefits of cleaner eating. Science has recently admitted that our gut is like our second brain and everything we ingest and process affects our entire body in different ways. So when you eat right for that summer body, know that you are killing a few birds with one stone.

Gut Health has been linked to depression, and a simple change of diet has been successful in convincing amounts shown in clinical studies.

Show yourself some love

Just as our bodies become a little overloaded with toxins, so can our minds with toxic thoughts and feelings. Taking the steps to simply be present, conscious and accepting of our feelings – sensational and emotional – is a great way to detox the mind. Looking inward is easier when you do it in a positive way and focus on solutions that will make your life a happier one.

Seeing the cup as half full is easier when your own cup is full, and simply taking some me time can fill you with the strength and energy you need to create your full, happy life. Take some time every day to do a little something for yourself, like reap the restorative benefits of a long, hot soak in a bath or go get grounded with a walk in the great outdoors and reconnect your body to the earth.
Make the choice. Take a chance. Make a change.

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