About Earthtribe


Conscious Living Tribe

At EarthTribe we are creating a conscious living tribe, a place where the conscious consumer and the ethical supplier meet. By sourcing the best in socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable 100% African goods EarthTribe is starting at home, empowering African farmers by our commitment to raising the standards.

Earthtribe  is a unique ethical business, bringing traditional organic African superfoods and the continent’s best beauty and body products to the conscious South African consumer.

Earthtribe took root when Kuda and Arianna connected, from two different worlds – Zimbabwe and Italy respectively. Their love bore a beautiful baby girl, and so developed their idea and formation of the tribe. The Earthtribe encompasses a conscious collective of people from different backgrounds, places and colours but with the same values. We seek to grow the tribe of conscious living people in South Africa and abroad, we have scoured the continent for 3 years for the best in organic, fair-trade and ethically sourced products that are uniquely African.

The Earthtribe is made up of people, who each have their own unique story. We want to tell these stories, to share the vision of creating bridges between communities, as well as producers and consumers. Just as the connection between the couple who birthed this business, who brought their cultures together and brought change to their communities, Earthtribe values lie in preserving nature and respecting all people with the belief that making conscious choices is a powerful way to change the world and connect people from different walks of life.

Our range features powerful superfoods that are sourced from small rural communities, like “nature’s multivitamin” moringa powder, a truly West African recipe of Hibiscus and Peppermint tea  and Zimbabwean Baobab super-fruit.

Earthtribe has great treats for your skin too with the best kept African beauty secrets like raw Shea butter, anti ageing baobab oil and black soap. In the interest of treating your mind, body and soul, we have also sourced raw African Frankincense and Myrrh resins from ethiopia that have a clearing and calming effect when burnt in traditional ways.

“We want to grow a conscious living earth tribe, where the conscious consumer and ethical supplier meet” say the founders. As the movement towards true health and conscious living gains momentum and the EarthTribe awakens we believe we can harness the ancient African wisdom and create some awesome ripples of positive change by supplying ethical, environmentally and socially responsible goods.