5 Ways To Boost Your Energy!

Are you feeling tired, pooped, tuckered out, drained? Do you wake up wishing you could sleep for another eight hours, or wonder what miracle is going to get you through the day? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – you may just be experiencing a very common symptom of the ‘modern lifestyle’!

There are many reasons you may be low on energy. These include – adrenal fatigue; a B12 or iron deficiency; candida; depression; gluten sensitivity; poor digestion; and of course, insufficient sleep (to name a few). You may in fact be sleeping enough hours, but because you are not sleeping well and deeply, you still feel haggard even after you’ve gotten the necessary winks in.

But being perpetually pooped is not our natural state, thankfully. Our bodies are simply telling us there’s something, or a few things, out of balance and the only way to get whatever is out of whack flowing again, including our energy levels, is to drop into our bodies, tune in, and use natural means to restore the natural balance of things. Treat your imbalance holistically, by looking at the main areas of your life to check where you are neglecting yourself – even one aspect falling out of synch will have a ripple effect.

With that being said, here are 6 ways you can help boost your energy levels… you’ll be soaring if you manage to apply all of these on an ongoing basis!

#1 Breathwork

Breathwork is one of the big conscious living trends for 2018 and it is no mystery why it is gaining popularity. The term refers to a type of ‘therapy’ (though, anyone can do this on their own) that uses breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. It has great value because it’s essentially a healing tool, and can be tremendously energising if done correctly.

Each breath in is a new chance to let Life flow through you, to let go of resistance to the moment, to cultivate compassion for yourself and others.” From The Elephant Journal

Pranayama breathing exercises work especially well. Pranayama is yogic term, meaning ‘the regulation of breath through certain techniques and exercises’. Here are 5 Energising Pranayama Techniques from The Elephant Journal to get you started!

#2 Burning Incense

Raw incense resin from the crystallised sap of trees is highly concentrated and a powerful tool for clearing stuck energy, reducing stress and relieving anxiety and depression (which as mentioned may be a contributing factor to your feeling of fatigue). Burning frankincense, in particular, offers all these benefits as well as having a very energising effect! Burn the raw resin on charcoal pucks or in a diffuser in some water or vegetable oil. Read our past post, ‘Reasons For Resins’ for more details on this wonderful healing tool.

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#3 Dance

Low energy might also be in part a consequence of falling out of touch with your body, in a constant state of reacting to what life is throwing your way. One of the most effective ways to drop in, along with breathwork and other exercises… is to DANCE! Not only does dancing boost your energy levels, it also boosts your confidence! Nothing like a confidence spike to give you an extra spring in your step, right? And let’s not forget the uplifting, powerful and soul-satiating effect music can have. Thankfully, and although one can dance without music, usually the two go together. Whether it’s the Rocky theme song or the earthy sounds of African drum music that does it for you, you’ll feel both relaxed and energised within minutes if you lean into the sounds and your body – stomping your feet, grooving your waist and waving your arms in celebration of life itself! Why not make your own energising playlist you use for just such an occasion and make it a daily ritual?

#4 Superfoods

So much can be said, and already has, on the life-altering effect diet can have, as well as food being medicine if used correctly. Food and nutrition are a huge part of daily life and eating in a conscious and purposeful way will no doubt have a positive and boosting effect on your energy levels. Although there is a lot of conflicting and ever-shifting information out there as to what foods are best and why (everyone is different), one thing for certain is that fresh, usually plant-based ingredients that have undergone little to no processing are best. Juicing and eating raw is an effective way to energise you, as well as incorporating a selection of potent superfoods into your diet.

Wild herbs work well as a little goes a long way, and they are likely to offer a plethora of other nutritional benefits along with giving you more vitality. We recommend Hibiscus Flowers & Peppermint Power Tea, with wild harvested hibiscus flowers (rich in vitamin C) with peppermint which is known for its energising properties.

In the same vein, African indigenous superfood powders like moringa and raw baobab – potent and nutritionally superior – go very far. You only need add small quantities to your morning smoothie or breakfast bowl and you will not only feel the benefit of increased energy, you will also start to feel vital on all levels with the high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant profiles of these amazing African plants. They also help with sleep, which in the long run can only improve your quality of life.

Another way to boost your energy with superfoods is choosing foods rich in protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates. When you eat this combination, the energy from the food releases slowly to keep you steadily fuelled. We recommend raw marula nuts, jugo beans and amaranth grain. They have the added benefit of being organic and African.

We keep looking to the African continent for its many plant medicines. The Mondia Whitei or ‘ African whites ginger’ root is incredibly effective in boosting energy and vitality (including sexual vitality), as well as being a potent supplement full of vitamins and minerals, with anti-depressant properties to boot! Our mojo pills contain nothing but this magical root and can be used by women as well as men.

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#5 Energising Yoga Poses

Yoga is an incredible practice that could serve every being. It is not only grounding and beneficial on so many other levels for the physical body, it also – like breathwork – can be used as a healing tool to help restore the body, mind and spirit. There are so many poses to choose from for different effects, so find the ones specifically for raising your energy. Here’s a great article offering 10 Uplifting Poses To Fight Fatigue from The Huffington Post to get you started.

Lastly, why not sit down for some ‘me’ time and reflect on those things that give you energy and confidence? And while you’re at it, make a list of the things that don’t. You’ll quickly start to understand what works for you and what doesn’t – we are all different. Then, do more of the things that titillate and fulfil you.

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