5 Conscious Living Trends to Look Out for in 2018

With 2018 now well on its way, we’d like to take a look at what’s trending in health, wellness and conscious living circles for this year.

Living consciously means engaging with life from mindful state, where we are also in an ongoing process of assessing – then reassessing – our daily activities, thoughts, habits, decisions and in fact everything else contained in the fabric of our lives. It means living life purposefully and with consideration of how our thoughts and behaviour impact ourselves, others around us and our environment.

As we evolve, our understanding of how to live a more mindful, soul-aligned life expands. And so, we continue to build upon the knowledge, lessons and wisdom of the past to refine how we live on earth. 2017 saw the definition of ‘wellness’ shift from an individual’s journey, to gathering to form tribes and communities to heal ourselves, one another and our planet.

Let’s go…

Trend #1: Veganism

Research shows that one of 2018’s biggest trends will be veganism!  Consumers are more conscious than ever about what they are putting into their bodies and demanding transparency about where their food comes from, which is a great step forward. People are also wising up to the fact that not only is a plant-based diet good for the animals, it can have a significantly positive impact on the environment as well as our health. We suggest watching documentaries like Cowspiracy and What The Health  for more information on how going vegan is a win on multiple levels. Here are our great plant-based recipes to get your started, incorporating indigenous African foods as a bonus!

Trend #2: Protecting the Planet

With each year that passes, we hear of and are directly and indirectly affected by an increasing amount of what we call ‘natural disasters’. Researchers and climate scientists are telling us that our actions affect the likelihood and intensity of these occurrences. Now we have awakened to the fact that climate change and global warming are REAL and that no one is invincible in the face of these catastrophes, it has become more urgent and necessary than ever that we revaluate our individual and collective actions. Without major change, our precious Mother Earth will become uninhabitable for humans; the ideal state of being is to live in symbiosis with every other living being on the planet. You can do your bit by supporting local, sustainable and ethical brands; minimise, reuse and recycle your waste; consume less; eat a plant-based diet; use public transport, car-pool and walk/cycle more, and the list goes on. Challenge yourselves to find more ways to live in harmony with our Earth and she will be good to us.

Trend #3: Optimising Our Gut Health

Over the last few years we have wised up to the fact that our gut and brain are not only inextricably linked by a network of neurons and a pathway of hormones and chemicals, our gut is actually like a second brain (some are even calling it our first brain!) and the health thereof crucially instrumental to our well-being. Up until recently, the science of gut health has focused on probiotics and maintaining the balance of good bacteria living in the digestive tract. Then the awareness expanded to the importance of taking prebiotics, foods that contain fibre that feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut. The fast evolving field of the microbiome is now highlighting exciting new discoveries that gut fungi – not just bacteria – is an essential player in gut health. Fungus has previously gained a bad reputation because of the bad variety called Candida. What we can take away from this is that we need to start taking prebiotic fibre along with our probiotic supplements, as well as incorporating beneficial fungi in our diets as well as bacteria.

Trend #4: Natural Beauty

It used to be that natural beauty and body products weren’t as effective to their chemical-laden and unethical counterparts, and only accessible to a higher end market – but that is all changing. Thankfully, natural and cruelty free beauty and body products have never been more accessible and available in such a wide variety. And not only are they effective, they also help maintain an organically beautiful and glowing skin that incidentally decreases the necessity for using many different products; this means we need less products and less frequently! Mother Nature can provide all we’ll ever need to look our best. Make sure you choose ethical and sustainable brands that give you a raw and unrefined product (or as close to as possible) – even better if they are local and use ingredients from your own continent. On that note, the less ingredients the better! Our African, organic raw and unrefined beauty and body products are available on our online store.

Trend #5: Intermittent Fasting 

A growing body of research is showing that intermittent fasting (IF) is one of the best ways to improve health in the short and long term. It is not a diet as you might imagine, it is simply a pattern of eating and a way of scheduling your meals so you can get the most out of them. And although you will become leaner by adopting IF as a way of eating, the benefits go far beyond that. IF is linked to blood sugar balance, decreased inflammation, increased cognitive function and greater muscle mass. It also increases the absorption of nutrients from your last meal, and provides a necessary restorative period for your gut for optimum health. Find out more about how IF works and how to fast this way here.

Hope you have become inspired by the above. Upwards and onwards!

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